Downtown Eastside, also known as DTES, is known as the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is known as "Canada's poorest postal code".


The area is divided into six parts: Chinatown, Gastown, Oppenheimer Park (formerly known as Japantown), Strathcona, Thornton Park and Victory Square.

The area is prominent for a high occurrence of poverty, drug-trafficking, prostitution, crime and violence. Urban decay fills the area, lowering its overall worth. The city however is filled with early 20th century history, containing a large number of beer parlours and cheap hotels.


Problems: Edit

  • Drug useDowntown Eastside has a high incidence of people with HIV and Hepatitis C. Police officers are currently trying to arrest drug traffickers and provide help to drug addicts in the area.
  • Mental illnesses

According to a 'City of Vancouver' report in 2012, 40% of homeless people living in DTES suffer from a mental illness due to poverty, crime, prostitution, homelessness and abuse.

  • Prostitution

Sex trafficking is one of the main problems of DTES, as some are sexually exploited and raped.

  • Crime and violence

Several gangs raid the area of Downtown Eastside, committing theft, murder and rape.

DTES Alley Culture 02

One of the most notorious gangs in Detachment is known as The Clashers, a group that originated in the poorest area of DTES. The Silver Dime Bar is also known as a common hotspot for traffickers, crime and violence.

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Some locations in DTES noted in Detachment: Edit