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Dylan Black is the main protagonist of the novel "Detachment" and is portrayed by the actor Dylan O'Brien. He is one of the most important characters in the novel.

After having a one-night stand with a mysterious drunk punk (Tessa Gunn) at The Silver Dime bar, he begins to develop feelings for her. Confused, he stays away from her until one day at The Silver Dime he walks out of the bathroom to find Tessa Gunn sitting at the stools. Overwhelmed by his sudden rush of feelings for her, he pushes her out of his life by (SPOILER[1]), which confuses Tessa emotionally.

He again tries to develop a solid friendship with Tessa a few weeks later when they meet again, but their physical attraction brings them together in his apartment.

Because of his dark secret, he again pushes Tessa out of his life to avoid hurting her, having a negative impact on his attitude towards life.

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Dylan is a qualified businessman, as he works in the sales department and he owns a luxurious flat in the outskirts of the Downtown Eastside zone.

Physical features Edit

Dylan is said to be around 5'11, with light brown eyes which sometimes give a "dark gaze". He normally wears tight t-shirts and jeans, and his hair is usually pushed back or left messy. He is 24 years old, and is described as a "lean figure" with "toned muscles".

Background Edit

Born and raised in New York, Dylan lived in a suburban area with his best friend Tyler Haden, who has been his best friend since they were very young. Whilst he was in New York, he was a well-known businessman in his large group of friends, and has been a well-regarded character since.

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