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Felix's apartment is located in the northern part of Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, near the infamous Port of Vancouver. Just twenty minutes away from The Silver Dime bar, the apartment is found in one of the roughest areas of DTES. Crime and murder is extremely common here and a notoriously known gang called the Clashers raids the area.
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Following Felix Archer's arrival in Vancouver, he managed to accommodate himself in the top floor of the building, where he and Tessa Gunn live.

The apartment is described as very wide with graffiti covering the brick walls yet with a beautiful scenery of the port. Felix's compound is said to have only one clear division, the bathroom. Thus we learn that there are no walls between Felix's bedroom and the lounge, where Tessa sleeps.
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The kitchen cabinets are said to be filled with bottles of liquor with unpronounceable names as well as the occasional frozen pizza.

Following Tessa Gunn's return to Vancouver, she sleeps on Felix's couch, where she crashes occasionally after a long night at The Silver Dime.