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Felix Archer is one of the main characters of the novel, "Detachment" written by @disunite. He is portrayed by Adam Lambert and plays a significant role in the author's debut novel.

Born and raised in London, United Kingdom, Felix Archer lived with his godparents Mr and Mrs Gunn, and with his cousin Tessa until the age of 18. Felix moved from London to Vancouver, where he works at a famous gay bar called Oasis. He currently lives with Tessa Gunn in his apartment in the Downtown Eastside, due to his cousin's economic issues.

He is a very witty, yet emotional character who aids Tessa when she needs someone to talk to. Felix is the only character in the story who knows Tessa's real name, and he is empathetic towards her because of her traumatic past.

He has several male admirers in town, and is known by Scott Delonge and Jeremiah Jones through their connections with Tessa.

Physical appearance: Edit

Felix is said to be around 5'11 with gelled up jet black hair, piercings and black eyeliner. He is described as "irresistibly sinister" and wears dark clothing, accentuating his "punk" nature.


Personal life: Edit

He has had an on and off relationship with Thomas, a man who frequently attended Oasis bar and ended up working for him. Felix employed Tessa so that she would earn enough for both of them to live in California.