Jeremiah Jones (Jones) is a secondary character in the novel "Detachment" written by @disunite. He is portrayed by Jorge Garcia, and plays an important role in the novel. Born and raised in Vancouver, Jones is a well-considered character within the novel. He is close friends with Shana Ross (Tessa Gunn), who works for him at his parents' music store called Timed Rhythm. Jones is 27 years old, and he is described by Tessa as "the average stoner guy that plays video games and watches porn every Friday night in his flat." He was once close friends with Felix Archer before they went separate ways after a heated argument. He is a respectable character who understands Tessa's need for distance, however he always shows interest in Tessa's latest stories from The Silver Dime. He is somewhat familiar with Scott Delonge, the owner of The Silver Dime, because of what Tessa has told him about Scott.
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Physical appearance: Edit

Jones is around 5'7 with long frizzy brown hair. He is described as "large in size" and "socially awkward." He is 27 years old.

Background and family: Edit

Following his father's death when he was 21 years old, Jones took over the family business, Timed Rhythm. The loss

of his father was the reason why he started living, as prior to his death he was highly demotivated. He wishes to one day become a successful DJ at well-known bars, and he describes his future as "very unrealistically bright". Emotionally speaking, he is direct, in terms of dialogue, as he was a young school dropout after his mother died of cancer.