Josh Tate is one of the main antagonistic characters in the novel Detachment written by @disunite. He is played by Beau Mirchoff in the novel.

Josh, a wealthy 23 year old stockbroker, currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He is said to be a manipulative and abusive character who used Tessa Gunn for his own benefit.

Tessa Gunn Edit

Tessa and Josh met at a corner store in Ontario, while Tessa was still living there as an orphan. Tessa lived by herself in her friend's flat for eleven months, trying her best to get some money to move to California with her cousin Felix, who lives in Vancouver. At the age of 18 and after dating for almost a year, Josh told Tessa to move with him to Toronto, Canada. There, the abuse became even stronger, until Tessa noticed that Josh was having an affair with another woman.

They split up, leaving Tessa stranded in the middle of the street and left humiliated. She moved to Vancouver with Felix, wanting an entirely new life.