Previously known as Atomix Club, Oasis Bar is one of the most well-known gay bars in Vancouver, and the most well-known gay bar in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. Built in the early 1900s, the bar was built on one of the most visited parts of the area, as it is in one of the main streets. Before Felix Archer's ownership of the space, the bar was a derelict location, with hardly any customers of any form of customer appeal. Following the owner's death, Felix took over the business, spending "every single penny" on the property, with the hope that one day he'd be able to start his own business.

Oasis bar has several employees, making it one of the most attractive bars in the area, as it created employment for many people at the bar. Following the change in ownership, Archer changed the whole setup of the place, wanting to give the dusty bar a "serious makeover".

As it was originally known for its lack of success and filth, the Atomix Club was seen as one of the most "laughable and disrespected spaces" in the whole of Downtown Eastside.

The renovation was quite expensive, considering that Felix Archer had a low budget, but it is evident that its changes in business had several impacts on the community as a whole. The bar is only visited by homosexual men, who spend their time meeting other people and dancing.

There is a nightclub section, which Archer decided to install as part of his "need to make it more interesting", where several shows and performances are held nightly. The renovation was Thomas Ardwell and Felix Archer's idea, as they worked on this together as owner and co-owner of the bar.

The current position of the bar is extrem

ely positive, and Oasis Bar is considered as one of the most respectable bars in the zone. Tessa Gunn is one of the many employees at Oasis, where she spends her nights serving drinks to Felix's customers.



Oasis Bar has not had a positive impact on everyone, as a huge number of people see the place as "highly overpriced" and "too good for heterosexuals". Homophobia is sometimes experienced right outside the bar, where multiple protests have been held due to public anger.