Scott Delonge is one of the secondary characters in the Wattpad novel "Detachment" by @disunite. He is portrayed by JR Bourne.

His origins are unknown, but it is assumed that he is from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the current owner at the notoriously-known The Silver Dime, where he serves drinks to his customers. He is a well-known figure in the zone, possibly because of the notoriousness of his bar.

He has a distant friendship with Tessa Gunn, and an ex-friend of Felix Archer's.

He is described crudely by Tessa as "an asshole who only cares about money", highlighting his position in society as a man of business. He is arrogant, cold and quite backwards in feelings, as he is not approving of young love.

Scott 2

He is quite bitter and sometimes shows a mild dislike towards Tessa as he (SPOILER). However, Scott is very observant and notices even the slightest thing about his customers.

Physical appearance: Edit

Scott is 41 years old, and is of medium height. He has a stubble and light brown hair with green eyes. He usually has a scowl on his face, which makes him a very reserved character.