Shana Ross is a fictional persona created by Tessa Gunn to avoid conflicts with the police. Because of her parents' criminal issues, Tessa was forced to create false documentation in order to be able to live without police prosecution. Tessa created Shana Ross at the age of 19, after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend Josh Tate .

Tessa Gunn Edit

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Shana Ross


Tessa Gunn (before)

Prior to meeting Josh, Tessa was known as a normal-looking woman in her late teens with a somewhat bright future ahead of her. Although she has a very dark past, Tessa hoped that she would be able to get enough money by the age of 20 and move to California, which she regards as "the happy state" with her cousin Felix Archer. Although she is not as naive as she looks, she had a strong character, however abiding the rules because of Josh's manipulative manner.

Tessa gunn

Tessa Gunn (before)

She is a street-wise woman who under his control believed she could settle down and have financial stability. She was a former employee at a local convenience store in Ontario, Canada.

Shana Ross Edit

After months of emotional damage due to abuse and humiliation, Tessa Gunn moved to Vancouver with her cousin under the name of Shana Ross. That way she would have a fresh start and be hidden from any form of police questioning whilst living there. Shana is very well-known in Downtown Eastside, as she attended the notorious bar, The Silver Dime. She also started working at Timed Rhythm at Felix Archer's old friend's music store. No one besides Felix knows about her fake identity as she erased herself from the books after breaking up with Josh in Toronto.

Shana has a wild reckless nature inside her, constantly wanting to drink at the bar and meet new men with the hope that one day she will forget her past relationship.

She is forced to change her behaviour to protect herself, however her interest in women's rights are carried out throughout her life.