Tessa Gunn is a major character in the novel "Detachment" by @disunite. The novel is found on Wattpad, a self-publishing site. She is portrayed by Tatiana Maslany and plays a major role in the author's debut teen-fiction novel.

Tessa Gunn, also known as Shana Ross, was left orphaned at the age of 15 following her parents' death due to police aggression. Prior to their deaths, Tessa lived with her parents and her cousin Felix in London, United Kingdom, until the age of 14 where she and her family had to escape to avoid further prosecution due to her parents' theft history. She currently lives with her cousin Felix Archer in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Under the name of Shana Ross, she is a well-known figure in town. She is widely recognised in the Downtown Eastside area, where she lives in a flat with her cousin Felix. She often visits the notoriously known bar The Silver Dime, where she meets other men and admirers to drink. Because of her past, the only person who knows her real name is Felix.
Her character is independent, rebellious, and she considers herself as being a "deranged individual in a society of false perfection." Tessa currently works at an old music store called Timed Rhythm, where she works with her boss, Jeremiah Jones, sorting out orders and looking after the store.

Tessa is a regular customer at The Silver Dime bar, where she has a distant friendship with the bar's owner, Scott Delonge.

Physical appearance: Edit


Tessa is said to be around 5'4 with light brown eyes, dark messy hair and black eyeliner. She is described by her friends as a "punk rock mess". She wears dark clothing and usually carries a box of cigarettes in her pocket. She is 22 years old.

Emotional trauma: Edit

Because of her dark past, Tessa lives by one rule. "Never get attached to anyone. Don't let any guy consume you." She refuses to tell anyone about her past, and her relationships with others rely on present events. She does not tell anyone about how she feels, as she thinks her feelings are too pathetic for someone to care about. Because of an abusive past relationship, she has one-night stands with men to show everyone that she does not need to be "in love" to be happy. She thinks she doesn't need to be in a relationship with someone as she is extremely independent. Tessa Gunn is a strong-minded feminist, and she highlights issues which women are victims of in society.