The Silver Dime (or The Dime) is one of the main locations in the self-published novel Detachment.


Originally founded in the early 1900s, it is one of the core buildings in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Silver Dime is a notoriously known bar in the southern part of DTES, as it is located in a extremely poor environment filled with urban decay. The zone which it is located in is linked to many crime-related issues such as poverty, drug use, sex trade, crime and violence.

In the novel, the public house is described as "collapsing and crooked". It is said to be an Irish-styled pub with the traditional bar layout containing tables and bar stools.

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Over the generations, the bar's ownership has been handed down and it is now owned by Scott Delonge, with the bar being inherited from his parents. It is a common place to visit for most of the main characters such as Tessa Gunn and Dylan Black. It is said to be extremely unpolished, with filthy rugged bathrooms containing syringes and graffiti.

It is part of the most notorious part of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, however, it has never been officially closed. The bar is linked to drug use and criminals, but the police has never gotten involved with its affairs.


The bar offers customers a place to drink and relax, even if its circumstances are rather crude. Sombre actions occur in the bar such as murders and violence, however, the bar's owner has never addressed this issue.

Brawls and fights are common at The Silver Dime, as it is a common meeting point for different gangs within the area.