The Timed Rhythm, sometimes known as "Timed" is one of the most significant locations of Detachment, a novel written by @disunite. Timed Rhythm is a locally-known music store in the centre of Downtown Eastside, Vancouver.


The place is currently owned by Jeremiah Jones, who inherited the store following his father's death. It is said that the store has been in place for three generations, and that in the past it was the


best record store in the whole of Vancouver, containing original and rare vinyls, but after the CDs and streaming boost, the vinyl industry fell into a deep recession. Nevertheless, Jones has managed to turn the antique vinyl store into a more contemporary CD store.

The store contains any form of music, from country to metal, which draws many customers to the store. After a promotion in a West Vancouver newspaper, the Timed Rhythm had a significant boost in sales and increase in profit.

Tessa Gunn is one of the employees that work at Timed, with Jones being her employer. Jones does not have many employees as he likes handling his store by

himself, which is why he only hired Tessa for the job. He is quite strict about his employees, only wanting people who "have a strong-ass passion in music".

The Timed Rhythm is described as "dusty yet some


how polished", however, after the renovation of the place right before his father's passing away, the place still has an antique music store feeling which still draws many customers.