Tyler Posey 102

Tyler Haden is one of the protagonists in the novel Detachment by @disunite and is portrayed by the actor Tyler Posey. Born and raised in New York, Tyler shares his high school years with Dylan Black.

At only 24 years old, Tyler is currently finance director in a large international business. His parents were both entrepreneurs who founded a successful business, who died from a car accident whilst Tyler was a teenager. The accident is said to have taken place in Chicago, Illinois. Due to lack of management, Tyler was forced to sell his inherited business, disregarding his parents' will. He began a job in New York, however it is said he was "fired because (he) was overqualified." and was forced to move to West Vancouver for a new employment route.

He is in love with Tessa Gunn, whom he had a brief relationship with. His first encounter with Tessa took place in his own apartment, in New York. Dylan offers Tessa to stay in Tyler's flat, which he agreed on. Tyler's friend Will is known for organising important new years parties, with Dylan as his guest.

Tyler is described as a witty yet sensitive character, and is a passionate activist.

Due to their close friendship over the years, Tyler knows everything happening in Dylan's life, including his darkest secrets.

After moving to Vancouver, Tyler meets Tessa at The Silver Dime, where he is at first shocked due to his change in surroundings. Although Tyler is quite wealthy, within a day he manages to blend into Tessa's world.

Physical Features: Edit

Tyler is described as a tall, dark curly haired-man in his early twenties. He is normally wearing a suit and tie, due to his profession in an office.